p a r e n t  l e a d e r s h i p  i n i t i a t i v e

Edu-Futuro recognizes that parental involvement leads to their children’s effective performance in school. Edu-Futuro is continually striving to offer a menu of opportunities for parents to build their capacity to support and advocate for their children’s education. Edu-Futuro also trains parents for leadership, advocacy and decision-making roles in the community.

Working in partnership with Arlington Public Schools, Edu-Futuro has set up a Parent Leadership Institute to offer training opportunities and workshops for parents of Edu-Futuro student participants in Edu-Futuro programs.  Current parent training and workshop offerings through the Parent Leadership Institute include:

  • PESA (Parent Expectations for Student Achievement), offered in partnership with ESOL/HILT to Latino immigrant parents in various elementary schools.  Since the program started in 2005 and as of the end of FY 2014 it has served over 1,300 parents, helping them cross barriers of language and culture as they guide their children through school.
  • PARTICIPA… en mi Educacion, a course originally developed by APS and adopted by Edu-Futuro in 2010 that teaches immigrant parents how to navigate the school system in order to support and advocate more effectively for their children’s schooling. Parents who have gone through PARTICIPA consistently rate its workshops very highly, and many of the immigrant parents who are active in PTAs or countywide committees have gone through the program.
  • Parent Leadership Facilitation is the latest training opportunity offered by Edu-Futuro in partnership with ESOL/HILT for immigrant parent leaders. The first course was completed by 12 parent leaders in August 2013. Participants evaluated it very highly and have since then launched a Parent Leaders Facilitation Network. During the 2031-14 school year, the network received support from Edu-Futuro and CCPTA for further collaborative learning and coaching opportunities.
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To learn more information on each of our programs, click on the links below:

Parent Expectations Support Achievement (PESA) Program