Edu-Futuro’s work is made possible by generous contributions from foundations and individuals like you. Your donations are used to further Edu-Futuro’s mission and are fully tax-deductible.
Please join us in supporting our work.

Ways to Give

Paypal – Use your Paypal account to donate any desired amount.

Corporate Giving – Many companies match their employees’ donations to non-profits, doubling your gift. Contact your Human Resources or Payroll Department to find out if they will match your contribution to Edu-Futuro.

Social Networking – Create an online personal or group fundraising page, create a personal or group fundraising page and join Edu-Futuro’s facebook page.

House Fundraiser – You can invite your family and friends into your home for an exciting evening. Edu-Futuro staff, board, or members can visit your home and share stories from the community. Contact us at for more information.

By mail – Please mail us a check payable to “Edu-Futuro” to: Syphax Education Center, 2nd Floor, 2110 Washington Blvd., Arlington, VA 22204.


We are grateful for your support, and we will acknowledge all donations with a letter or email that can be used for tax-deductions. Please contact us at or 703.228.2560.