Edu-Futuro Associate Council

Edu-Futuro's Associate Council is comprised of young professionals in the DC area who volunteer their time to support the mission of Edu-Futuro.

Ariana Rua (2016-2019) is a Program Administrator at the American College for Obstetricians and Gynecologists in the Office of Global Women’s Health sector. She is currently managing a USAID grant geared toward the clinical education, prevention, and response for ZikaV in Latin America. Previously, she worked for Lockheed Martin on contract management, database operations, and web services for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency managing over 20,000 web pages. She was awarded Lockheed Martin’s SRA award, for her superior performance, leadership, and customer service in 2013, 2014, and 2016. In 2011, Ariana graduated with a B.A. in Marketing with a concentration in International Business. Ariana has strong ties to the Bolivian community, as her family is originally from Bolivia. Her passion for leadership, personal development, and education inspires her philanthropic efforts to help the Hispanic community increase and strengthen educational opportunities. This is Ariana’s first term on the Board and serving as well as the chair for Edu-Futuro’s Associate Council.

Carlos Flores (2016-2018) was born in Peru and moved to Arlington, VA during his childhood. In 2011, he was honored by The Posse Foundation and received a full-tuition leadership and merit based scholarship to attend Bucknell University. In 2015, he graduated with a dual degree in Political Science and Spanish with a focus on Latin American studies and received departmental honors in the Department of Spanish for his honors thesis on the Peruvian Internal Conflict. Carlos is an Emerging Leaders Program alum and is grateful for the opportunity to give back to a program he highly values, and is humbled to contribute to the immigrant diaspora in the U.S. and help improving the opportunities and lifestyles of immigrant communities. He is very passionate about international affairs and would like to build a career in it. He is currently working as a Program Coordinator for the Southern Africa Department at Population Services International, an international development organization that focuses on making it easier for people in the developing world to lead healthier lives. Carlos currently serves as the interim Vice-Chair of the Associate Council.

Paola Castillo (2016-2018) is a proud native of Lima, Peru. Paola's parents decided to move to Maryland in 2001 in search of a better future for their daughters and themselves. Paola received her Associate's Degree in Business from Montgomery College in Maryland in 2011, and transferred to the University of Virginia to finish her Bachelor's in Commerce, with concentrations in Accounting and IT, in 2013. Currently, she works as a Federal Consultant for Deloitte. In her free time, Paola enjoys improving her skills in American Sign Language, reading books to further her Catholic faith, and waking up early to exercise at her favorite Barre3 studio on 14th street. Paola is an energetic, hard-working, and enthusiastic individual, and she's incredibly excited to advocate for Edu-futuro's mission. Paola currently serves as the Treasurer for the Associate Council.

Martín Orjales (2016-2018) is a Business Developer at EMD Strategies, a firm based in Arlington, Virginia, that is a leader Business Development and Industry/Gov’t Partnerships.  His work regularly puts him in direct contact with the upper management of local, national, and international companies with whom he fosters a strong business relationship.  Growing up in a bilingual household and having spent years living in Argentina, Martín understands the need for cultural diversity and strives to help those in need, both locally and abroad. This is evident in his volunteering at Edu-Futuro (where his strength in public opinion and game theory helped incentivize feedback from students and parents attending Edu-Futuro’s programs) and his work with Your Cleats for Bare Feets (a program with worldwide reach he created with his brothers).  Martín graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in Political Science with focuses in International Political Economy, International Relations, and Political Theory. Martin serves as Recruitment & Retention Officer for the Associate Council.

Natalia Montelongo (2017-2018) is a first-generation Mexican-American from Oklahoma.  She recently received her M.Ed. in Educational Studies from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK.  Before arriving to Oklahoma, she worked as a Program Coordinator for Aspiring Americans, a program focused on providing financial aid assistance, mentorship, and academic counseling to undocumented students in the Oklahoma City metro area. She currently works for the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants in the D.C. area as a Case Manager with a mission of providing resources and tools to children and families who are in need of legal protective services, access to education, and ensure they perform exceptionally well in a completely new country and space. She hopes to continue to equip herself with more tools to continue to fulfill her mission and passions of empowerment, engagement, and education with Edu-Futuro. 

Katilin Wynne (2017-2018) is a graphic designer at Comella Design Group in Bethesda, MD with a focus in print design, branding, and marketing. She works almost exclusively with non-profit organizations in the DC metro area, many of which operate in the education field. She has an active interest in foreign languages and varying degrees of fluency in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian. She is also the author of a self-published cookbook, which was a finalist in two categories of the 2017 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. She graduated magna cum laude from Towson University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and minor in Spanish in 2015.