Educación Para Nuestro Futuro (Edu-Futuro) was established in 1998 by Bolivian parents, in partnership with Arlington Public Schools, who sought to meet the educational needs of the region’s growing Latino population. Since its inception, Edu-Futuro has worked to empower thousands of both Latino and other immigrant children, youth, and families through education and leadership development programs. Edu-Futuro also teaches the broader community about Latin American cultures to enhance cross-cultural understanding.



Edu-Futuro’s core programs include:

  • Escuela Bolivia Spanish Program:
    The organization began as an academic enrichment program teaching Spanish to children and offering ESL and Spanish classes to adults. To date, we have developed the language and academic skills of more than 3,500 children and adults.
  • Emerging Leaders Program (ELP):
    ELP is a leadership and college preparation program that serves more than 100 Latino and other high school students each year. Students are prepared for success through a series of workshops on topics such as building effective study skills, university campus visits, community service activities, and interaction with dedicated mentors.
  • Parent Leadership Initiative:
    Provides courses that train Latino parents to become advocates for their children’s education by improving communication in the home and strengthening involvement in schools. More than 1,000 parents have benefited from this program since 2004.

Edu-Futuro’s immigrant roots have given the organization a unique insight into our community’s needs. As such, we have developed community-based solutions to support Latino and other families of modest means from Arlington and surrounding communities.